Friday, September 28, 2012

Break Science and Michal Menert

New collab from Break Science and Michal Menert! The PL label buddies have combined forces and scooped us up for an electronic whirlwind. A glitch hop beat combined with electronically remastered instrumentals has definitely proved the songs title. They've got the Electric Touch. The way the label has defined itself is bringing better productions every time, and these swanky tunes just keep coming. Horns, strobing light sounds, and a chiming backtrack have a 99% success rate in my book. This one's no different.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Titan (Coyote Kisses Remix)

Originally by Clockwork, this remix is another example of the many faces of electronic music. I'd call it electro-trap with a dub influence. Way to go Florida.

The 40 Thieves

Paper Diamond is bringing his cards to the trap table and the hip hop killer has a full house. With big orchestra bass, it's an anthem for the trap invasion. Strap up soldiers.


Ludacris is back with none other than destiny's child, Kelly Rowland. It already sounds like a baby-maker, right? Although an R&B message, the beat has a great electronic tone and a faint moody guitar like a Red Hot Chili Peppers ballad.

Won't You (Be There)

New Nero! Dubstep legends crank out another wompfest. Wait for the drop at 1:22. Oh, the drop.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's Go!

New Big G! This song made it's debut at Electric Forest this year, and I couldn't be happier about the official release! It's already a favorite. If you haven't heard, the Big G show at Red Rocks is going to be insane, featuring the first projections on the rocks. Let's Go!

Tom "Sniff Music" Budin

Tom Budin, a 16-year-old producer from Australia has followed in the footsteps of Madeon. He has already mastered the electro-pop genre, and only has room to grow. He also produces under the name Sniff Music, where he has a slightly synthier but similar style. His remix of Zedd's Spectrum on Sniff is also dope.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Afrojack- Annie's Theme (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

The best explanation that I have for this track is that it could possibly be the next Flosstradamus Original Don Remix. The kind of bass that jumps your bones. It hypes high and bangs hard. "I think it's a trap."

The City Video- Madeon

Dope new video from Madeon, inspired by The Festival of Colors. If you don't know him by now, check the old posts! He's insane. The video is giving me too many bad ideas. He is really distinguished now as the electro-pop king.

Sweet Nothing Tiesto Remix

When Florence and the Machine played a Benny Benassi remix of her own song live at Lollapalooza. Now, she has teamed up with Calvin Harris for Sweet Nothing and even Tiesto wants a piece. The next step for the electronic movement is to start incorporating raw talent like Florence and other classically trained musicians. The symphony has already started with Big G snagging the saxophone. Ready for the next level.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Apex Dirty Phonics Remix

Foreign Beggars got set off by Dirty Phonics latest remix. A descending high frequency and snappy snare pull you down like a slingshot ready to launch with the first drop at .48. Gotta appreciate givin you time to swag out before you get dubstep ugly.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Don't You Worry Child (Video)

This powerful video is allegedly Swedish House Mafia's last. I'm not sure if I'm in denial or if I'm doubtful because of the multiple "Finale Tours" of bands like The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, who never seem to go away. Honestly I hope that SHM ends up like them. I want to see 80 year old wrinkled DJ's throwing down. Hopefully this is just a break. I feel like a sad ex girlfriend. But they'll be back.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take This Up

Star Slinger is keeping his cool but his career is on fire. Cutting vocal samples to bits and laying steady drum kits over galactic sounds. It's a modern disco without sucking. I'm really starting to lean towards a more chill style, and this is a great segue.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicago- A$AP Rocky

Takin it to the town, A$AP Rocky filmed his video for Chicago in the city with a local filmmaker, Justin Teichen. Not only is the track subtly bangin, but it's prominent swagger is reinforced through the imagery in the video. Honest and clear, the video serves to document one stranger's exhibition to Rocky's world.

Support local artists and creators! Check for the full video soon to be released.

The North Coast Awards (Originally Written for Crowdnoize)

Held at Union Park, the intimate skyline setting made North Coast Music Festival one of my favorite events of the year. The smaller venue and lack of corporate disruption makes it less like Lollapalooza, and more like a camping-free EF. The advantage is the close quartered stages that make it easy to jump around acts. Chicago was blown away with each new set as if it were a competition, making Summers Last Stand tall and proud. Inspired by the dueling DJ's, I present to you The North Coast Awards.

The Kickoff Award: Friday evening, Eoto set the bar. I literally watched the faces of many apprehensive attendees change from skeptic to ecstatic as J. Kwon's "Tipsy" rang out. The bass was funky and new, taking inspiration from what could have been a bubbling faucet and producing a surprisingly satisfying pop to every sound.

The Bieber Award: I like to think that in most instances I am a girl that keeps my cool. I never cried watching American Idol, and I don't follow teen heart throbs on twitter- but Friday night when Knife Party dropped Internet Friends for the first time ever in Chicago, I screamed like a Justin Bieber fan. I might have fallen to my knees if they weren't so busy dancing. It was exactly the kind of show fans hope for: slowed down, sped up, remixed by the original artists right in front of you.

The Crowd Contribution Award: OG producer Paul Oakenfold tore it up like the godfather of house. The real icing on the funfetti cake was the crowd. Sprinkled into the back were two percussionists, or amateur percussionists, who were going Christopher Walken. That's right, Cowbell and More Cowbell were on point, adding a zesty improvisation to the set. The crowd cheered them on and got down as the darkness settled over the Redbull stage.
Flipside Fail: The crowd at Pretty Lights on Sunday. Constant traffic was disruptive as people struggled to get front row for both Pretty Lights and Steve Aoki. You can't have both. Keep the traffic in the back and the good vibes will stay in the front!

The Idiot Award: To anyone who was confused by the bold "POLICE" lettering on the back of their t-shirts: security at these festivals is real. Real cops with real training. So if you're being chased by one of them, don't skip around like a smart ass. One unlucky attendant thought this fun game of tag would end nicely, until 250 pounds of muscle whipped him to the ground. In the words of Snoop Dog/Lion, run mothafucka, run.
Runner Up: Everyone with braces.

The Enlightenment Award: I love festivals because it is a chance to learn about new artists. Maybe not new to everyone, but this recently recruited member of The Tribe sure got a lesson. Funky melodic bells and starry techno sounds were a beautiful calm after the storm that was Excision. Future Rock was a close second, with supersonic echoes that I cannot wait to investigate further.

The "WTF? This is dope!" Remix Award: Despite my best efforts to avoid Girl Talk, I ended up at his stage for the Saturday night finale. A lot of people gave me the same look that you're probably making now, but when the white lights blast on and the front row rushes the stage it is impossible to get away. Girl Talk is more about atmosphere, he puts on a party. And how could you not party when "Rolling in the Deep" gets laid over "The Motto." Or Party And Bullshit over Tiny Dancer. It's knowing all the words without knowing what comes next that makes the show.
Runner Up: Axwell with Seven Nation Army, house-style. My neck still hurts.

The Laser Award: This award is invented for Pretty Lights. His new stage is mesmerizing as expected, but the added laser show was a mind blowing surprise. You just have to go see it on the Illumination Tour.

The "Idk, But It Was Epic" Award: Stratus on Sunday was absolutely killing it, even in the hot sun. Everyone was turning to their neighbor, "Who IS this??" I can't recall any specifics but if he's on the lineup, go to him.
Runner Up: Felix Da Housecat. Oh man. Legend status earned.

The Best of the Fest Award: Surprisingly enough, Pretty Lights was not my favorite act of the festival. The conflicting sounds with Steve Aoki really threw off the vibe. However, Excision raged his signature dubstep at hyperspeed, almost creating his own genre. Throwing in remixes of Rage Against the Machine and Jibbs' "Chain Hang Low" made him unstoppable, and the crowd had the energy to match. It looked like steam was rising from the front row. "This guy right here, he gets the craziest crowd member award." If an artist takes time from their set to acknowledge the rage efforts of his audience, you know it was off season.

The Craziest Crowd Member Award: Guy at Excision, way to go.
Runner Up: Anyone who climbed into the trees at the Redbull Stage. I wish I was you.

Honorable Mention to Dan Deacon who could be heard far into the Gramatik crowd, Savoy who was standard yet delectable, and Modestep who had unteachable stage presence.

I'd write out awards for every artist and attendant if I could, but these highlights can serve some justice to the grand weekend. Also note that one day when scheduling conflicts disappear and I can finally see Papadosio, they will be getting an award as well. It's always a sad moment when the summer season is over, but the venue concert series will keep us warm in the winter months. Let the indoor smoke-free sweat fests begin.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tomorrowland 2012

This is it folks. The end all be all of festivals. Everything that I strive to inspire, document, and create is fueled by my desire for Tomorrowland. Soak it up, feel the chills, see the incredible experience. One day my friends. One day.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Ladies and Gents, meet Lapalux. This daze-y, elegant producer from the UK is holding strong to chill in a genre that has become notorious for it's party mentality. Float along as the pulsing sounds wave over you in his pre-album release, The Hours.

If you like that, dig deeper and get in touch with your R&B soft spot. This remix of Mario's Let Me Love You twinkles over a light electronic riff.

Doverspike Gold Dust

At first I was skeptical, but I am absolutely loving the "trap music" trend. The hip hop DJ drops I loved in high school are making a comeback as ravers hold up signs saying "Damn Son, Where'd You Find This?" Can't wait for someone to break out DJ Holiday's "Holiday seeeeeeeeeeason!"

Flashbacks aside, Doverspike added a traptastic edge to the legendary Flux Pavilion remix of Gold Dust. Instead of dropping, that fantastic melody beats out like it's waiting for a verse. Nothing like the reinvention of a classic. Then again, you could probably play a crying baby over it and I'd still get down.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Finally, something good has come out of New Jersey. Entraik is a producer of down-tempo electronic, incorporating soft instrumentals over the fluttering wobble and kick drum beat. C'est La Vie, which features a piano, has beautiful delicacy. Songs like this are what inspire my daydreams about electronic shows featuring live orchestras. One day...

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